Lets make spelling and reading more easy and fun...

This program is designed to build self reading and learning ability along with improved confidence.

Kids find it difficult to remember the spellings and pronunciation of words they learn which further discourages them from learning new words.

No more memorizing spellings, let’s learn how to make them. Phonics is the most widely used approach to develop the ability in kids to read and make spellings on their own. This is the fun way to learn how to spell and read. Our class not only offers the appropriate tools to improve spelling and reading ability in your child but also helps them to improve their grammar skills and much more.

  • Consistent support to the students
  • Helps Kids develop reading and writing habit
  • Class Room worksheet
  • Well organized, conducive & safe environment


Glimpse on Syllabus

  Reading and Writing Programs

          Reading Program
          Grammar Program







In grammar program the topics covered are :

parts of speech

Types of Sentences

Question tag , tenses , etc..

After the concepts are cleared, in this program worksheets will be provided to solve the exercise in the class. Grammar worksheets incrementally develop the child to expand their vocabulary, enhance reading and writing ability.

Almost all words have a "Parts of Speech" which part of speech a word has depends on how it is used in a sentence; these concepts are cleared in class and practiced using class room worksheets.

Reading comprehension helps child to interpret and will find easy to solve comprehension.

This program helps kid to read fluently and make spellings. This is easy and different way to teach kids to read words. It helps your child to read independently, fluently and with confidence.

There are three levels for 3 and half months course to achieve above said:

Level 1 - Helps to learn phonics sound and to read words

Level 2 - Learn to read big words by concatenation

Level 3 - Learn to make spellings and way of reading for different types of sentences


Let's Study Together with Simple Techniques!!!

Parent Reviews

You are Amazing!

The classes really worked well for my son. He has inculcated habit of reading words with appropriate pronunciation, he has also started preparing spellings using understanding of phonic sounds. Teacher gave personal attention and made the session very engaging for him, hence he liked going to the class.


Great efforts!

I am satisfied with the course because this course will give a strong base in English. My kid is in 1st standard and by the help of this course he is trying to make spellings no need to learn. So it's too helpful for reading and spelling making. Thank you krushna mam for your good efforts.


Thank you!

Classes are very good, my kid learned a lot there, best part is kids are happy studying there and personal attention is given to each student, teacher is also very good and worksheet pattern is also good so that kids don't feel bore, Conclusion is my kid love reading because of this class.


Best one!

My kid harshita learned a lot from this course, She got a confidence in speaking without fear.She became very good in speaking and writting own short stories.However total design of the course is worth and easy going.Very good effort by krishna mam.


Best class!

This teaching program allows the youngsters to have a grip on their reading and writing abilities when they are young. By attending to these classes my child improved a lot in her reading and writing skills. So i am 100% satisfied with this program.

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